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*********************MOST IMPORTANT ****************

Neither Microsoft or SPARK (Telecom) etc will ever ring you offering computer support.  If someone rings claiming to be either of these two please hang up immediately. 

Secondly, IMPORTANT .......  DO NOT OPEN Emails that you do not know who sent it. To see who sent click your RIGHT MOST BUTTON and check the properties of the email.  Delete immediately, do not open it.

A scam that happened last week involved a fake NEW WORLD CONTEST, 34,000 people were taken in by it.

99% of all problems the user has been involved, either talking to someone on the phone, using unsecured public wifi or opening an email and providing information.  Your Bank will NEVER send you an email and ask you to LOG ON through the email.

For more information about the problem of Scammers and Hackers download this excellent December 2019 NZ Listener Article

NZ Listener Scammers Article.pdf


I recommend Windows 10. 

Microsoft provide the tools to ensure you computer runs smoothly, it is a matter of finding them and using them. 

Backing Up Your Data

The most common reason for needing to refer to a backup copy is when a file(s) has been accidentally deleted.  The first step to backing up is saving your Word Processing Document or Spreadsheet in the first place.  Many times new users have been writing a long letter,  the power goes off and they have not saved their work and they have to start all over again.

The rule is;  if you don't want to type the document again choose file and save your document.  Then save again every, say,  10-20 lines.

If your computer fails you will not necessarily loose you data but don't take the chance, buy a 8Gb or 16Gb USB memory stick and copy those pictures and documents across. I am happy to sell you a USB drive but they are also available at The Warehouse.

The Total System Backup Microsoft provide is good when you initially setting up your computer, but to get at individual files it is easier to use a USB Memory Stick.   Also remember to copy over new files you create regularly to your backup device.

Updating Your Software

Microsoft know more about virus issues affecting their software and provide the Update application to ensure you download the latest software.  Your computer will be pre-programmed to automatically update but check it is turned on.  Update is a "healing" process, finding the known flaws in the software and then correcting them.  Choosing and running Update will ensure there are no software holes for viruses to slip through.  In many ways anti-virus software is a like Band-Aid, protecting the computer but it is not a substitute for a fully updated system.


Microsoft Windows Defender is already on your Windows 10 laptop.  Scan you computer at least once a week. Your computer must be turned on at the time you have set to start the scan.  The setting should be Full Scan, best run run after you have run Disk Cleanup.

Disk Cleanup

This Microsoft Application is the most under used important system maintenance application.  Its purpose is to flush out all the redundant files, which are created while the computer is running, but not required the next day.  I liken these files to wrapping paper, needed up until Christmas Day.

I recommend running Disk Cleanup regularly, tick all the boxes.  Find the  Properties of  DRIVE C: and you will see the Disk Cleanup Icon. 

Email Application

Whether it is Microsoft Office Outlook, GMAIL etc an important thing to do is delete all unwanted messages. Do not put it off as a clutter of redundant emails just clogs the system. If you reply to an email then the incoming message in the Inbox can be deleted as you will have a copy in the Sent box.

Click your right hand button on Deleted Items and remove all deleted items.  Also check and empty the SPAM folders.


                                                                                                                   For more help Email :   ken.royson@qic.co.nz